Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big dinners and halloween house

Our house has been decorated for halloween for a couple weeks now,and since the time is almost here I will share some photos of what it looks like around the house. I usually go way more crazy for halloween,but I didn't for some reason. Next year will be grand,and I also want to have a big christmas party too. Something i've been wanting to do for the last couple years ,but things just don't pan out the way I want them too. I've been cooking up a storm ,and making large dinners. I usually make big meals when Aaron is home and not working In camp. The photo of the dinner is as follows: Ham with cranberry and clove crust with mustard squirted on top, Potatoes,and butternut squash. The bread is banana peppers and cheese foccacia that my fiance mostly ate to himself.haha.

I recently found this awesome book from the thrift store. Its Better Home and gardens Decorating Ideas under $100 . There is some awesome cheesey kitschy things in there ,and I love this book and i scored it for $1! Im probably going to be adding a few other photos from the book in other posts,but these are the ones for now that I'm digging. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! The kids are waiting for me so we can go uptown and pick out our jack o lantern pumpkins, So have a great weekend!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portobello Dinner and a Bird bag

Well I finished my embroidered bag,and wore it house hunting today! We sadly didn't find what we were looking for,but something will come up soon im sure. The thing that sucks is that I want to find a house with character or a house that is older,but alot of the problem with that is that the houses are so small and we have so much stuff lol. I was really happy with the one house that we went and seen. Beautiful original door handles ,pretty vent covers ,original hard wood flooring,and a solarium,but my fiance didn't like that the bedrooms were so small,that and he admitted that dirt basements freak him out.They kind of freak me out too,but the house was so dreamy...On with the search. My fiance predicts that it will be in the spring. So we shall see. In the last few days I have been busy around the house.The snow has melted for now and I have been cooking lots. The pictures you see of the mushrooms are from dinner. One of them sitting beside a plate of garlic and the other mushroom picture is them sliced up. Dinner was gnocchi with vodka sauce with fried portabellos on top with chopped thick sliced bacon on top served with a wilted warm salad. It was really good. The strange thing about the whole mushroom business is that for most of my life I have had an extreme hate for mushrooms. I just would never eat them and couldnt bare the taste. Anyways when I became pregnant with my girl I started allowing myself to eat mushrooms off of pepperoni pizza and Now 5 years later I can happily eat mushrooms every now and again :) It is strange how when you become an adult you don't seem to mind as much about certain foods. So the rest of the photos are of what I wore today,My bird bag as I will call it,and Some things that I listed at my good ol shop Oh and my mushroom pictures of course. Now on to the quilt and the christmas countdown wall hanging!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Warmth and Busy days

The Furnace Is finally turned on in my little rental. It's starting to get real cold which sucks because we hardly had a summer where I'm from. Actually... The first snow fall happened today,and the snow is staying. Its strange how when It's cold outside your home seems so much more cozy. So with the warmth my days have also been busy. I've been really busy with my shop listing items like crazy,and I've been making many trips to the post office with happy items that are traveling to different countries to lovely people :) . The pictures shown of me wearing clothing are for sale at my etsy shop : I'm also going to be adding some more things to my shop this weekend. So since my last post Thanksgiving happened( a few days late because my fiance was gone in camp) He made an awesome english trifle that was gone as soon as it hit the table!! My house is all decorated for Halloween,and i've been really slacking lately of doing anything crafty or my art things. Here is a list that I hope to be accomplished by christmas. I wonder If it is maybe too optimistic to have these things done by then??

1. Finish my martha stewart emroidery bag ( My mom got it for me as a gift,and I am also planning on adding other things than just the embroidery pattern included)
2. make my own crazy quilt
3. Make a countdown to christmas wall thingy that gifts go in. Do you know what I mean by this?

Well everyone is waiting for me to watch the new pirates of the carribean,so off to be cozy


Monday, October 10, 2011

Everlasting Light

Let me be your everlasting light,The sun when there is none, Im a shepard for you and Ill guide you through,let me be your everlasting light,let me be your everlasting light...

In me you can confide when no one is by your side.

OH baby can't you see? Its shining just for you. Loneliness is over,dark days are through. There through.

-Everlasting light- The black keys.

When I first heard this song for the first time I listened to it over and over . It was also the first song on the cd of the black keys,and I didnt even listen to the whole cd at first because this song just stopped me in my tracks. Yes I am a cheeseball when it comes to romantics,and this song just had it all for me at the time.

So lately I haven't been up to any huge projects or anything . I made my first dress that I finished up last month. It is the very first "badbadFrancine" creation. It is all hand sewn ,and I used Vintage fabrics. The heart on the front of the dress is actually a pocket and there is little fabric covered buttons. I didn't use a pattern for this dress ,and didnt really think of sizing,and I did mess up on something. I messed up on the side of the dress on the left side. I acciddentally sewed it with the seam on the outside if that makes sense. I decorated my bathroom ,and to everyone this is apparently shocking cause when ever anyone goes any there they have this strange out burst of holy moly's ,and my kids thinking there was going to be a wedding going on in there.

I am almost done a painting I have been working on for awhile,I just have a little bit more details to add,but I haven't came up with a name for it yet. I really love it though.

All photos on this post are all taken by me,and the painting and dress is made by me.The photo of the red bowl and white substance is white chocolate melted for a dessert,The picture of the hanging bell is from my bathroom ,and is also my background. My painting is on canvas and is done using acrylics,and oil. I will update with what I will call this painting,and I'll be listing it on etsy when I am finished. Have a good one!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soft Creature whispers

You always hurt the ones you love,when love shouldnt hurt at all
you always take the sweetest rose and crush it til the petals fall
you always break the kindest heart with a hasty word you cant recall
and if I broke... your heart last night,, Its because...
I love you most of all
- Ryan gosling from Blue valentine

I miss my love . I miss having a day to do something completely different than my normal routine. I miss family get togethers like when I was young. I miss having the feeling of dreaming without having reality shouting at me. I miss,i miss, The past is The past.

All Photos are mine On this post.Thankyou,and have a great day/night

hoodie- bootlegger
vintage pink nightie- girl guides thrift
levi denim shirt- My mom bought it for me from the thrift store like 10 years ago.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jingle Lady

I want to be a lady walking through a maze of garden where I forgot which plant I planted where,and which path leads to me to the next. I want to be sitting in a camping chair with fuzzy blankets and a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate while I sit and stare at the stars and be calm in the silence and to watch the steam from my hot drink that has mixed with the cool air to ecsape In the night.

I have been seeing tons of lady bugs for a month now. Back in July Arabella and I saved a poor lady bug that fell in her princess pool. And now my whole wall of my house is covered In them and today as I was sitting on my chair outside in the back yard I was thinking about why all these lady bugs have found me here,when I saw a lady bug crawling on the deck,and than I thought How strange..because I was just thinking about the lady bugs on the other end of the house,and than ANOTHER lady bug was crawling around. I thought to myself what could the meaning of this be? Finding a home? Finding oneself? I looked it up and I guess it means to think about ambitions in your life and to take action...

Many bohemian style photographs have been catching my attention. I have wondered for awhile now what my style of home would be? This is it I think. Here is what has been inspiring me lately,( Sorry I dont know any of the sources of this pictures If you know please tell me and I'll put them up asap)