Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I know

It's only Monday , but I just have to show you my mail outgoing and incoming so far .
1)outgoing postcard
2) incoming postcard
3)outgoing letter to new pen pal
4) incoming mail art swap . This is the back of the envelope isn't it super bright !
5)incoming envelope that had the postcard you see in picture number 2
6) front of letter containing goodness and lovely letter . I'm working on my reply tonight :)
7)back of picture #8
8) pen pal letter going out to hopefully a new pen pal :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring mail

Hello it's wonderfully spring here - for who knows how long- there could be a freak snow storm at any given minute here in the north . So I only had a few outgoing this week . 2 postcards and a letter to a new pen pal :) pictures 2 and 4 are outgoing . The rest of the photos are incoming .
1) postcard from postcrossing but the. Card came in an envelope and the lady made the card from paper that her daughter brought from Japan that were cookie wrappers.
2)outgoing letter . Also containing the coveted titanic stamps ! She will be sending me some postcards and stamps :)
3)a card sent from postcrossing of lovely zebras !!
4) 2 outgoing postcards
5)incoming outside of envelope of #1 photo
6)incoming letter from a new pen pal in Germany ! I'm working on the reply now :)

Give away winner is revealed

Hey everyone ! Iam really sorry if the giveaway caused confusion and I realize now I need to plan better and set dates for this kind of thing so once again sorry !! Anyways by draw the winner is: caddi ! I will be emailing caddi later on to say she is the winner of the 200 sales giveaway . She gets to choose what she would like from lavenderlemon with the item being below $35 and she wins a set of handmade envelopes by me :) thanks to everyone who joined in the giveaway !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Snow equals wet postcards apparently

Just like the title of this post says . My postcard I got using was wet when I took it out of the mailbox . There was huge amounts of snow all of the sudden one night and day so I think this is why the corner p the postcard was wet. Usually my mail is never wet so I dunno . Here is my wonderful incoming :)

1) awesome letter with lots of goodies like sand and shells from her recent trip to mexico ! Zebras too and the letter she wrote to me was typed on old medical journal paper !!! So awesome . This is from none other than miss Jessica gowling from
2) this is a letter from a new pen pal in the states . Iowa to be exact ! I was so excited to read her long and Interesting letter !! So much fun and I can tell we are going to be great pen pal friends . She even included stickers and stationary !!!
3) 2 postcards I got via
4) close up of awesome stamps from Jessica .
5) close up of stamps from
My new pen pal ! Look at that spider !!! So kewl

Forgetting sucks

These are my outgoing . I had alot of fun ! The only thing is I forgot to take photographs of two postcards I sent!!

1) back of envelope . I went a little trigger happy with the handle with care stickers
2) letter going to a new pen pal in the states ! It's. Super thick letter because of my need to write Long letters . Heh . I really don't mean to write huge letters but I just can't help it !! I got to use my new international titanic stamps . Don't you love this octopus letter ?
3) this is the from for picture #1 it's close to spring and robins and eggs are something you see around y area and I know my pen pal will enjoy :)

That's all for now . It's Monday and I haven't seen the mail lady yet :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I've been up too

Mail- wise anyways . It's funny that my blog has gravitated towards mail . I am more excited to post about my mail than anything else I guess? Well i have tons of photographs that I want to share but I would like to use some of them for some inspiration for some paintings I will be doing . Like I've said before I haven't been painting lately ! Arg ! Anyways I hope you enjoy my photos of my outgoing mail :)

The mail has arrived

I was getting anxious because I haven't recieved any mail in awhile , but Alass today I recieved two letters and a postcard. It was also a Canadian holiday on Friday and Monday so I had to wait it out and than on Tuesday all I got was a bill ugh lol. Anyways I hope you enjoy the photos of my incoming mail ;)