Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out you go

That title sounds a little harsh , but it's not meant to sound that way haha. I actually sometimes say a little sad goodbye and a wish ful thought for the letters I send out . Here they are :

In going

Hello everyone how is all the mail boxes out there ?? Mine is doing quite well , but is slightly creaky , but oh I love the sound of that creak. Is there something particular about your mail boxes ? Ordinary or extraordinary ? Well here we go :
1) this is the back of a mail art I recieved from Ireland . I <3 it so much !!
3) a letter from my pal in Langley ! It actually a few things she forgot to put in my other letter hehe. I got this letter a day after her first one :)
5)let's take a minute or a few seconds which ever you can afford to appreciate these stamps ! I love them !!
6)letter with birthday goodies from my pal in Langley :D
7) Letter from m.
8)check out the awesomeness of thi s letter !!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this ! She fully drew this!What creativity ! Totally love it !
10) this mail art is the front of number 1 in the photo line up . Isnt it great ? It all done with pencil crayons and I love the illustrations !! It came with a great card too :) homemade as well with the style of these illustrations !!
11) and 12) more postcards :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two weeks of outgoing tells a story

Sometimes when I look at the outgoing mail I create it doesn't only tell of life inside of the letters , but it seems like it tells a little tale of expression on each one . Can you come up with a story looking at the mail ?

Insert dramatic tron music here to explain my awesome mail

Hopefully everyone who follows my blog knows what tron is . Does anyone else use the blogger app to post on their blog ? If so can you comment down below for some tips and tricks ? For example I wish we could switch around photographs how you want to appear on the post if you know what I mean ? Anyways on to the incoming my
Outgoing will be in a separate post :D

1)postcard and letter . It was one of those hidden photo things but I couldn't see it !
2)hahaha awesome funny postcard from my ongoing postcard pen pal
4)another postcard
5) letter from jessica packed with great stuff :)
6)close up of stamps ! Ive never seen holographic stamps until now ! Awesome !
7)super cute letter all the way from the Netherlands ! Isn't this envelope lovely ? It has hot air balloons on it !
8) this is the back of a postcard ( picture 4 on here ) it looks like they hand stamped it and I love the palm tree !
9) finger print stationary !!! Isn't it great ? Lovely letter from Amy :)
10)always super excited to recieve great mail from my pal Sarah , look at those great stamps !!
11) postcard

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going out

All of these letters are on there way to as addressed mailboxes ! I always wonder what the first thoughts are of someone when they pick up mail that I sent to them . And once again I forgot to take a photo of one of my
Outgoing Arg ! It had a really kewl looking envelope of a shark . I've just. Noticed that alot of my outgoing postcards and letters have an animal theme going haha