Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Outgoing mail

This is going to be a much larger post than incoming so just warning you if you dont have the time to look at any photos close your eyes !

Some are postcards some are letters and some are packages ( I covered the addresses with labels and one of my letters it just shows the back not the front and this is before the stamps are applied )

Incoming mail

I am doing two seperate posts. One is incoming mail and the other will be outgoing :) . It's still early in the morning and the post lady hasn't come to deliver today's mail yet so the incoming mail is for so far over the past two weeks . I feel like I've been sending more than I am receiving but that's just how it goes ! It's so exciting now to wait for the mail to come because I'm not just anticipating bills but potential letters or postcards via .
Look at all the loveliness !
1) and 2) Courtney from australia . Look at those stamps !! So lovely !
3) Georgina from Ireland letter came in yesterday . So excited to recieve her letter I am anxious to write to somebody a reply because I have already sent out my replies and needed to write to someone !
4) postcard from postcrossing . Neat envelope eh ?
5) postcard from postcrossing
6)my pile of mail :D

Monday, February 27, 2012

We can eat beans and lobster later

I have been sick for the past week and it's really horrible ! It's very unfortunate too that I'm one of those people that keep on trucking and get things done and go uptown looking like crap, but it's because I have too! My hunny luckily had a day off suddenly on a day I felt the worse and I was able to take some naps . How lucky was that?!? So lately I've just been doing little crafts and reading alot . So here is a few photos from the last week.

1)I was bugging my honey with taking tons of photos of him .
2) this was my Japanese inspired dinner kind of. I made alot of rice. Alls ! Everyone liked them and they were very simple.
3) latest book by Lori lansens that I was reading, but I'm now finished. Loved it ! You should really check oh Lori lansens you won't be disappointed 4) my tea. I was sitting at the table having a night conversation with my hunny when I looked down ad saw te pretty reflection of the Pom Pom .
5) fan art I did of rini from sailor moon. It was just a quick sketch and this is not finished .
6) and in fashion news which I rarely post which sucks because I love clothes and having my own take on the fashion world . Anyways I really want to cut my bangs like zoey deschanel , but I'm scared of hair dressers where I live because I rarely get a hair cut that I ask for come out like I want to. The photo is a screenshot from tumblr ! And the link is right on there !

Hope everyone's weekend went well and that they managed to keep from getting sick . Tomorow I'll be doing a mail post of outgoing and hopefully incoming :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow crust

A few tiddley bits of our last week and a half :)
1.postcard recieved from at work!
3. The ice hills that kids can slide down without a sled or crazy carpet . We have an ice festival in our city every year where ice sculptors come and make ice sculptures !
4. In action
5. Another postcard that I sent out via
6. When I was at my sons school I noticed how the crusty ice looked on the ground . My favourite ice to crush with my boots is that really thin stuff ! Its like popping bubble wrap to me... I can't stop doing it if I start !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random town name president village

I have been seeing alot of cardboard creations through out the Internet ecspecially lit up pretty ones ! My dad was one of those parents that created crazy things from cardboard so when I started seeing all these creations on my Fav blogs and pinterest I was like : why haven't I thought to do this with my kids when I enjoyed my dad creating things for me . So we have been saving cardboard ( some of it being the cardboard packaging that toys come in . Score !
1.milk jug house with cardboard roofing and scarf interior son had the awesome idea to use two erasers taped together and some chimney smoke out of cardboard !
3.the inside of the house . A beautiful entry way indeed ! son used the cardboard from te brain facts quiz thing and cut it up and made a make shift garage door and garage his hot wheels are inhabiting now .
5.please enter our cardboard house through this door !
6.some of the tools we needed ( exacto knife off limits to kids !!)
7. Side view from the inside of our wal decor :)
8. Cheap Lego blocks that my kids have had forever from the dollar store we used it to make our " monument " for the town . The kids decided to call it " president village " apparently this is where all the rich live ! (lol)
9.the whole outside of the house in all of its glorious lime green-ness!! So lucky to have had that lime green cardboard !at night we shut all the lights off and threw a mini flashlight at the back of the house and admired it like that . So pretty :)

P.s my shop is 1 away from 200 sales !that means that I will be doing a give away soon ! Stay tuned :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


A few things the kids and I have been up to . Of course there has been alot more going on , but alot of the time I forget to take photos .
1. Our set up of dry eraser alphabet boards that have been helping with writing out the alphabet . My daughter does those and than writes them herself on paper without usin the trace lines that are provided on the cards.
2. My daughter doing embroidery . I bought a vintage embroidery hoop. Embroidery thread and that anti skid stuff that you put in your cupboards from a dollar store that was going out of business to use as cloth . She is using a plastic needle from a dream catcher kit she got from her Christmas advent . Anyways I got this awesome idea from filth wizardry! I love that blog ! My daughter did a heart for her first embroidery pattern . She was really happy to do this activity cause web ever I'm sewing she wants to too!
3.In action sewing! sons " wacky hair day at school" I knew everyone at shool would be goin with the whole spiky dyed hair so I just put scotch tape on his head and wrote random things and he wanted me to put an on and off switch because he claimed this scotch tape creation as robot hair . Hahahaha.
5. More embroidery , but you get to see the heart :)
6. My daughter workin away ! She takes it very seriously !! Forgot I mention one of my favorite vintage purses I have . My kids love to play with it when they are playing house or whatever " and pretend I was ... " game they are playing !!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets play pretend

And as the pretend in the title says I mean that im pretending I have an audience thAt is asking for more. More of what you say ? More pictures of the Kraft paper table cloth. These pics are what it looked like later that night at the party . Some pretty sweet results !!what do you think? I love the sparkles :)