Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall outgoing

Here is my outgoing ! I forgot to take photos of a few of my outgoing :( I hate when that happens !! I have been working on alot of swaps lately too! Phew ! Lots of work but alot of fun!

Fall mail incoming

Hello all! I haven't posted in awhile because of being too dang busy with other things , but here we go here is my incoming . I also had alot of incoming swaps too that I didn't take photos of yet !

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What goes out must come in

Oh god I hope I haven't used that title before or maybe I should nt have used it all. All you bloggers out there how do you get inspired with the oh-so-important title of a blog post . Sorry ,but I'm not very perfect with blog posts . Ok so here is my incoming mail and swaps :)

Forgetful mind

Wahh I've been forgetting to take photos of my outgoing which really sucks cause I always strangely miss it when I send it ahhh!