Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work In progress painting

In progress Painting,or some people say WIP as I have found out Via tumblr. Anyways The first progress picture of the painting is my favourite I almost just want to stop there. BUT i keep going.... The painting isnt finished ,but I will post the finished painting soon. The kids and I made a volcano out of play doh ,and assorted old spices that I had in the cupboard to make it look like a habitat with plants. Kids had fun playing with it,and than we exploded the volcano( baking soda and vinegar) like 5 times. hahaha good times. I was as excited as the kids!!! The shoes are sadly sold,but still beautiful I had plans of putting it up as a post before they sold. They are 1940s platforms GENUINE cobra. How frickin kewl is that? Beauty.Picture is of me and my hunny. I had to drop him off at work cause I needed the wheels. I told you in an earlier post that I would show you a picture of me in my winter gear. Well this is half-ass what my crappy winter jacket looks like,and this was also taken when it wasn't even that cold,but im a Wuss. Hahaha.

11 sales away from doing the giveaway :D


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paintings that are happy

I told myself awhile ago that I must do a few paintings that are a bit realistic because I sometimes let myself slip into these coma's of pure surrealistic tendancies that I scare myself and others around me. AND because I live in an area where alot of people don't see art other than what is usually in our art gallery ( MOOSE and...moose??) They get confused and it makes me feel slightly crazy. In some ways crazy can be more intelligent than anything out there.

Painting is done on canvas with acrylic paints

Finished end of October 2011

titled " Arabella"