Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work In progress painting

In progress Painting,or some people say WIP as I have found out Via tumblr. Anyways The first progress picture of the painting is my favourite I almost just want to stop there. BUT i keep going.... The painting isnt finished ,but I will post the finished painting soon. The kids and I made a volcano out of play doh ,and assorted old spices that I had in the cupboard to make it look like a habitat with plants. Kids had fun playing with it,and than we exploded the volcano( baking soda and vinegar) like 5 times. hahaha good times. I was as excited as the kids!!! The shoes are sadly sold,but still beautiful I had plans of putting it up as a post before they sold. They are 1940s platforms GENUINE cobra. How frickin kewl is that? Beauty.Picture is of me and my hunny. I had to drop him off at work cause I needed the wheels. I told you in an earlier post that I would show you a picture of me in my winter gear. Well this is half-ass what my crappy winter jacket looks like,and this was also taken when it wasn't even that cold,but im a Wuss. Hahaha.

11 sales away from doing the giveaway :D


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paintings that are happy

I told myself awhile ago that I must do a few paintings that are a bit realistic because I sometimes let myself slip into these coma's of pure surrealistic tendancies that I scare myself and others around me. AND because I live in an area where alot of people don't see art other than what is usually in our art gallery ( MOOSE and...moose??) They get confused and it makes me feel slightly crazy. In some ways crazy can be more intelligent than anything out there.

Painting is done on canvas with acrylic paints

Finished end of October 2011

titled " Arabella"

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ugh I hate being sick :( and for once my kids aren't sick just me! Which is odd beacause kids usually get sick more because they are interacting with more children at school/pre school. Knock on wood that they don't get sick!

Winter is full swing here now! Jeep has its 4x4 on all the time,and slipping around is in season!( Even if you are driving slow...)

I also wanted to put it out there (If there is people even reading this) that when I reach 200 sales on Lavenderlemon ( My shop on etsy ) Here is the link http://lavenderlemon.etsy.com I will be doing a giveaway here on the good ol blog. You will have to be following me,and Comment on the giveaway post. I will put more details on the giveaway post. I hope I get to do it soon because I've never done a giveaway before,and I want to show my customers,and people who like lavenderlemon that I appreciate there business ,and support.

Well lately around the house its just been putting Halloween stuff away ( That was two weeks ago) and Now the christmas decorations are UP! I've never had the christmas decorations up this early or the tree,but I've decided it will be easier so I dont get so stressed out around christmas that I fall into a breakdown or something hahaha.

What I really do hate about the cold weather and snow in my area that I live is that I can't wear what I really would like to wear. I have horrible circulation ( I have reyneuds disease ,dont worry its not contagious lol) So I really do have to dress warm,and i've just lately been really listening to this rule. My fiance will tell you that I am horrible at dressing for the weather. I am not suffering this year! Iam suffering in the fashion department thought :( . When its -35 I guess its more to worry about your over well -being than fashion anyways. So maybe I'll post my " real gear" for how cold it is up here. I have been searching and searching for a really warm jacket that isn't $$$$$$$$$$$$ and is actually fit for the cold weather.

Anyways The photo's I have shared with you on the post were all taken by me. I decided to share with you our sunday breakfast when my fiance was home from work. Grandpa had sent some ginger cookies home with us,and I decided to make egg in a hole for the kids. I actually have never done this before with the kids. I got Arabella to push with a measuring cup( you can use anything really circular) to get the hole in the center. I got her to save the middles cause I was going to try to use them some how. Now the next thing I did was oil up my cast iron frying pan,and heat it up put the bread in one at a time,and crack egg directly in the centre,and season with salt and pepper. I used the cute little leftover punched out breads as mini desserts. I fryed them lightly and seasoned them with sugar and cinnamon. I then plated it around the ginger cookies with whipped cream. The kids really got a kick out of this! We all were wishing there were more! Hahahaha. So I set the table,and made some tea and we all went to town on the food. How do you spend your special breakfast times with your family? Do you do your egg in a hole in a different way?

Iam sorry about the lack of posting. I actually have 2 or 3 seperate post worth of stuff to put up,and im not going to be lame and put it all in one post or make seperate posts all on the same day. So for now have a great weekend,and hope you all are getting ready for the holidays :)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Northern sky part 1

I call this Northern sky part 1 because I hope that I will be able to capture more of our beautiful skies up here and show them to you all. That is one thing I miss when I move away from here is the skies and than I come back and see the beautiful skies and I feel this warmth that was missing before. It also turns my fiance into a romantic :D . We do get gloomy looking days that are gray and crappy,but the morning and night festivities of glamourous colour are usually still there to start the day and begin the night with beauty. Anyways here is a few pictures I have taken . Also one of the night that I just loved how dark of a blue it was instead of black night.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

The grim reaper ,and a scary witch haunted MY house on Halloween. They were ready for Candy,and pumpkin watching and all the fun things that spark halloween imagination . My fiance and I didn't dress up, I was dressed in something i would wear everyday,but other people probably thought I was dressed as a hippie. I blended In for once! haha.I told my kids to look their scariest,and these photos of them is them showing just that. I made candy apples a day before halloween ,and they were demolished by the next day. They were so good! BUT i had to make the batch twice because my first batch didn't turn out :( . Second times the charm? All photos were taken by me. Thankyou ,and hope everyone had a great Hallows eve

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big dinners and halloween house

Our house has been decorated for halloween for a couple weeks now,and since the time is almost here I will share some photos of what it looks like around the house. I usually go way more crazy for halloween,but I didn't for some reason. Next year will be grand,and I also want to have a big christmas party too. Something i've been wanting to do for the last couple years ,but things just don't pan out the way I want them too. I've been cooking up a storm ,and making large dinners. I usually make big meals when Aaron is home and not working In camp. The photo of the dinner is as follows: Ham with cranberry and clove crust with mustard squirted on top, Potatoes,and butternut squash. The bread is banana peppers and cheese foccacia that my fiance mostly ate to himself.haha.

I recently found this awesome book from the thrift store. Its Better Home and gardens Decorating Ideas under $100 . There is some awesome cheesey kitschy things in there ,and I love this book and i scored it for $1! Im probably going to be adding a few other photos from the book in other posts,but these are the ones for now that I'm digging. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! The kids are waiting for me so we can go uptown and pick out our jack o lantern pumpkins, So have a great weekend!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portobello Dinner and a Bird bag

Well I finished my embroidered bag,and wore it house hunting today! We sadly didn't find what we were looking for,but something will come up soon im sure. The thing that sucks is that I want to find a house with character or a house that is older,but alot of the problem with that is that the houses are so small and we have so much stuff lol. I was really happy with the one house that we went and seen. Beautiful original door handles ,pretty vent covers ,original hard wood flooring,and a solarium,but my fiance didn't like that the bedrooms were so small,that and he admitted that dirt basements freak him out.They kind of freak me out too,but the house was so dreamy...On with the search. My fiance predicts that it will be in the spring. So we shall see. In the last few days I have been busy around the house.The snow has melted for now and I have been cooking lots. The pictures you see of the mushrooms are from dinner. One of them sitting beside a plate of garlic and the other mushroom picture is them sliced up. Dinner was gnocchi with vodka sauce with fried portabellos on top with chopped thick sliced bacon on top served with a wilted warm salad. It was really good. The strange thing about the whole mushroom business is that for most of my life I have had an extreme hate for mushrooms. I just would never eat them and couldnt bare the taste. Anyways when I became pregnant with my girl I started allowing myself to eat mushrooms off of pepperoni pizza and Now 5 years later I can happily eat mushrooms every now and again :) It is strange how when you become an adult you don't seem to mind as much about certain foods. So the rest of the photos are of what I wore today,My bird bag as I will call it,and Some things that I listed at my good ol shop http://lavenderlemon.etsy.com Oh and my mushroom pictures of course. Now on to the quilt and the christmas countdown wall hanging!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Warmth and Busy days

The Furnace Is finally turned on in my little rental. It's starting to get real cold which sucks because we hardly had a summer where I'm from. Actually... The first snow fall happened today,and the snow is staying. Its strange how when It's cold outside your home seems so much more cozy. So with the warmth my days have also been busy. I've been really busy with my shop listing items like crazy,and I've been making many trips to the post office with happy items that are traveling to different countries to lovely people :) . The pictures shown of me wearing clothing are for sale at my etsy shop : http://lavenderlemon.etsy.com I'm also going to be adding some more things to my shop this weekend. So since my last post Thanksgiving happened( a few days late because my fiance was gone in camp) He made an awesome english trifle that was gone as soon as it hit the table!! My house is all decorated for Halloween,and i've been really slacking lately of doing anything crafty or my art things. Here is a list that I hope to be accomplished by christmas. I wonder If it is maybe too optimistic to have these things done by then??

1. Finish my martha stewart emroidery bag ( My mom got it for me as a gift,and I am also planning on adding other things than just the embroidery pattern included)
2. make my own crazy quilt
3. Make a countdown to christmas wall thingy that gifts go in. Do you know what I mean by this?

Well everyone is waiting for me to watch the new pirates of the carribean,so off to be cozy