Saturday, March 31, 2012

What was waiting for me in my mailbox

This week I got all postcards! Some neat ones too ,and also some good stamps :)

1,2 and picture 4 is the stamps on the postcards .

3 and 5 are the lovely postcards !

I forgot to post on my giveaway post of when the giveaway ends . Sorry if I seem sloppy with it but it's my first. Giveaway ! I will give it two more weeks and than post the winner :)

I might post an envelope tutorial in a few days if anyone is Interested :) and I'm also going to be posting some random stuff too . Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

Outgoing again

My outgoing mail for this week :)

1) my daughter did this envelope and letter all by herself . Even licked the stamp . He thoroughly enjoyed writing to great grandma :)
2) postcards going out
3) hopefully a new pen pal via swap bot
4) back of it
5)mail pile
6)another pen pal letter going out for a new pen pal

Friday, March 23, 2012

Outgoing outgoing outgoing

Hahaha I'm not going to say read all about it . Whoops I just did . Haha . So here is my outgoing ! I wish I had more people to reply to. If you want to write to me please do ! My addresses are on most of the outgoing posts or incoming .

1) postcard going out for a swap on swap bot . We wrote our goals for the week on the back .
2)all outgoing mail piled up about to go postal!
3)another pile of outgoing
4)back of letter .
5)front of handmade envelope
6) weird 80s postcard I found at thrift store . I sent it out to a postcrossing member .
7)outgoing letter to one of my pen pals ! Once again a homemade envelope .
8) close up of a postcard that was outgoing to a postcrossing member . I love that postcard!

Please look a few posts below too because I am hosting a giveaway ! Please comment on the 200 sales giveaway post . Thankyou and hope you all have a great weekend!!

Incoming incoming

Read all about it ! :D

1) postcard recieved from postcrossing a lady from Russia ! I love this postcard :)
2)a postcard I received that was in an envelope . It's a funny one :)
3) this is the lovely envelope that the postcard came in . It's from the Ukraine ! Look at all those stamps !
4) a letter from my pen pal ! She handmade the envelope :) lots of kewl stamps ! She knows I like stamps :)
5) this is the back of a letter
6) letter I recieved from a new pen pal with vintage Canadian stamps and vintage air mail envelope ! Look at the awesome stamping on the envelope too !

It seems like lately I recieve all my pen pal letters on Tuesday ?? Does anyone else have this happen ?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

200 sales giveaway

Hi everyone ! My shop has reached a milestone ! It has reached 200 sales ! I am celebrating by offering a giveaway right here on this blog. The things that are up for grabs:

$35 gift certificate to be used in my shop ( you pick something I send it to you within the price limit of $35)
And 5 homemade envelopes by me :)

All you need to do is comment down below and follow if you want ;)

Oh almost forgot my shop URL :

If you know anyone that would want to join in on this giveaway please share it with them so they can join ! Have fun :)

Tommorow will be my outgoing : incoming mail post , and later on a post about house makeovers namely mine lol . The spring cleaning fever has hit !!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Outgoing mail last week spoilers if you know I'm sending you something

Please don't look at this post if you know I have sent you something recently because I don't want you to be let down ..... But if you don't mind than look on !! Haha so this is like the title says last weeks mail that I sent out . I had lots of fun creating awesome mail and sending it out :D
1) pile of outgoing . I didn't do any close ups of the postcards I sent out through postcrossing !
2)envelope I made and decorated with stickers :)
3)my first swap-bot swap . It was a make your own envelope swap . I really had fun with this and I hope she enjoys it !!
4) back of mail/ envelope with goodies inside :D the yellow sticker is homemade by my hunny . I recently bought a sticker maker and he was having fun too !
5) I bought gorgeous envelopes made from vintage children's illustrations from Arg it's slipped my mind I'll have to edit it in a bit with the name !lovely envelopes and I decorated it with yummy stickers and labels and it looks awesome !!

Last weeks incoming mail

Hello !! I just got back from a shopping trip in Edmonton Alberta . It was a crazy 4 day trip , I tell ya!! Anyways here is last weeks incoming mail !! So awesome I can't wait to see if there is mail tomorow ( Monday yay!!)
1)my order from miss coconut from etsy ! Lots of awesomeness!!
2)envelope from miss coconut !look at all those lovely stamps !!
3)all of my incoming mail 2 postcards from postcrossing ( Germany and china ) and my order from Jodie holdman on etsy .
4) this was the awesome stamp on the back of the postcard from china ! So colorful ! I love it :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A trip to the museum

I hadn't taken the kids to the fort st John museum and thought that it would be a great time to go last week because of the teachers on strike and Seth not having any school. Well the kids loved it and so did I ! The last time I went was with my dad when I was 10 years old . I seriously would go back again . It's very neat and I didn't get to read the explanations and look at things as long as I wanted ( because I had excited children wanting to explore everything ) . The museum also has a souvinere shop that has alot of postcards too ! I got quite a few for only $3 ! There was a bunch that I didn't get that I wished I would of got . I hate when I do that. Oh well a least I can go back. Here is some photos . Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tid bits and outgoing

I've been all over the Internet this past week looking at lovely mail blogs as well as shopping , or should I say window shopping but for the Internet if that makes sense ? My mailbox was empty today and lately my mail lady has been sneaky . So sneaky that I don't even hear my squeaking steps ??? Today I made more envelopes ( that I WILL remember to take photos of before sending lol see precious post ) cleaned house and stressed over school matters that involved my son . I really liked the outfit I was wearing today , but these past couple of months I haven't been taking photos I myself . I haven't even put any new listings in my shop in awhile . Which I need to do because I do have allot of new stuff that needs to be listed. So here is my tidbits of the last few days 1) my nightstands inhabitants
2) my kitchen table
3) book from library , very much recommended my kids loved it as did I ! I wish that you could buy stationery stickers and paper dolls by the illustrator .
4) back of outgoing mail
5) photo taken inside of my vehicle (jeep)
6)new lamp ( clip on)
7) dinner
8)outgoing front of envelope . I'm so in love with this envelope that I made . Please excuse all that ad junk on the photo but I used an app on my phone that I could edit out the address . Does anyone else know of a better app?