Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tid bits and outgoing

I've been all over the Internet this past week looking at lovely mail blogs as well as shopping , or should I say window shopping but for the Internet if that makes sense ? My mailbox was empty today and lately my mail lady has been sneaky . So sneaky that I don't even hear my squeaking steps ??? Today I made more envelopes ( that I WILL remember to take photos of before sending lol see precious post ) cleaned house and stressed over school matters that involved my son . I really liked the outfit I was wearing today , but these past couple of months I haven't been taking photos I myself . I haven't even put any new listings in my shop in awhile . Which I need to do because I do have allot of new stuff that needs to be listed. So here is my tidbits of the last few days 1) my nightstands inhabitants
2) my kitchen table
3) book from library , very much recommended my kids loved it as did I ! I wish that you could buy stationery stickers and paper dolls by the illustrator .
4) back of outgoing mail
5) photo taken inside of my vehicle (jeep)
6)new lamp ( clip on)
7) dinner
8)outgoing front of envelope . I'm so in love with this envelope that I made . Please excuse all that ad junk on the photo but I used an app on my phone that I could edit out the address . Does anyone else know of a better app?


  1. Handle with care tape is so great! :)

  2. I know it's so much fun ! I just got my hands on some not too long ago for the first time so we shall see what ways it ends up on things :D thanks for stopping by too !!