Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Milk gallery submissions

I learned from rin Dawson's blog http://paperedthoughts.blogspot.com that there was a call for submissions o mail art that would be exhibited in march at milk gallery in Sacramento California . I jumped right on it and sent quite a few pieces back in the beginning of February . Something quite strange happened though! One of my mail arts got sent back to me with a return to sender sticker ?? The test I my 9 separately sent pieces never came back to me so I'm assuming they got there in time . I've been waiting to share for quite awhile and hope that the milk gallery's Facebook page will soon reveal more work from the show .
8 of the pieces I sent were from a cardboard box that I had sharpied on 6 months ago as well as bingo dabbed and hot glue gun glue. I thought it would be neat if I cut it up and sent it postal . I labeled them from 1-8 much like an edition . The other piece u sent was a painting I did on both sides having a hand depicted on each side . The rule of the mail art show is that the mail would be displayed as is for how it was recieved and the painting was on wood so I needed to wrap it ( according to Canada post rules ) do I wrapped it. With wax paper . Anyways had so much fun and wish I could go to the show in person !!! Check out their page : http://m.facebook.com/MilkArtGallery?id=229358820456720&_rdr

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