Friday, March 2, 2012

Outgoing mail and a spooky birthday in march

My sons birthday was today ! He is 8 and I can't believe how fast it has flown by . When you start getting older and older time starts to weigh down on you more and more . It doesn't seem very long ago that I was 8!!! So anyways he wanted a goosebumps themed birthday party. So I tried to do the whole spooky thing that r.l stine has going . I went to the thrift store to find a baby that would easily come apart for the piñata . I also looked for postcards and stationary because in my town I haven't had very good luck ! Anyways I found a few postcards at first that I haven't taken photos to share on here but will soon. I went to pay for my items and I asked the lady at the til if she has any stationary hidden somewhere and she said " I have postcards , do you want to see?" and I said "yeah!" haha and it turns out that it was a little bundle of 4 postcards from the 60s 70s I'm guessing from around BC . They all have lovely scalloped edges . I had a hard time letting them go . They seemed to fit with the postcrossing profiles I was given to send off too. I have been finding lovely mail blogs to occupy me while I wait or mail to come in and also I've been making Lots of envelopes . I need to get back at painting an doing art every day. I haven't been Doing much . I also need a sketch book because mine is all filled up ! Ive been looking alot too at all these art journals I'm seeing... They are very interesting . I have also been eyeing that wreck this journal book, but I'm a little anxious about the part of throwin it away because I have t mostly all my art I have made ( yes in Rubbermaid bins ). I came across a pen pal blog/ website the other day that said that they threw their letters out that their pen pals gave them !!! When I read this I couldn't believe it because I could never imagine throwing something my pen pal took their time to make and send to me . Isn't that part of snail mail is also keeping something tangible ? Anyways this post is getting very long I will leave you with some photos :)
1)table setting 2) in the making piñata 3) back of postcard that I hand made for postcrossing swap. Aren't the stamps lovely ?4) letter going to Ireland I handmade the envelope . I covered her adress with a paper.5)postcard outgoing to postcrossing 6) this is front of the postcard that I handmade :) 7) another postcard going out 8) creepy decor 9)Aaron looking through the ballon. Love this photo !10)more decor 11)balloons that Aaron and my brother in law competed at blowing up lol 12) finished creepy baby piñata right before kids got to smash it all up. It was really funny ( strangely) watching the leg getting hit off the piñata etc... Anyways hope you all a wonderful weekend !!!!!

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