Sunday, March 18, 2012

Outgoing mail last week spoilers if you know I'm sending you something

Please don't look at this post if you know I have sent you something recently because I don't want you to be let down ..... But if you don't mind than look on !! Haha so this is like the title says last weeks mail that I sent out . I had lots of fun creating awesome mail and sending it out :D
1) pile of outgoing . I didn't do any close ups of the postcards I sent out through postcrossing !
2)envelope I made and decorated with stickers :)
3)my first swap-bot swap . It was a make your own envelope swap . I really had fun with this and I hope she enjoys it !!
4) back of mail/ envelope with goodies inside :D the yellow sticker is homemade by my hunny . I recently bought a sticker maker and he was having fun too !
5) I bought gorgeous envelopes made from vintage children's illustrations from Arg it's slipped my mind I'll have to edit it in a bit with the name !lovely envelopes and I decorated it with yummy stickers and labels and it looks awesome !!

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