Friday, March 23, 2012

Outgoing outgoing outgoing

Hahaha I'm not going to say read all about it . Whoops I just did . Haha . So here is my outgoing ! I wish I had more people to reply to. If you want to write to me please do ! My addresses are on most of the outgoing posts or incoming .

1) postcard going out for a swap on swap bot . We wrote our goals for the week on the back .
2)all outgoing mail piled up about to go postal!
3)another pile of outgoing
4)back of letter .
5)front of handmade envelope
6) weird 80s postcard I found at thrift store . I sent it out to a postcrossing member .
7)outgoing letter to one of my pen pals ! Once again a homemade envelope .
8) close up of a postcard that was outgoing to a postcrossing member . I love that postcard!

Please look a few posts below too because I am hosting a giveaway ! Please comment on the 200 sales giveaway post . Thankyou and hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Your letter and a postcard are here :) I will reply this weekend :) :*

    1. Yay :) I'm so happy you got them :) can't wait for your reply :)