Monday, May 7, 2012


Lots and lots of outgoing ! I haven't had a chance to post the goodies ! Here is a description for each piece of mail and numbered as it goes like I usually do.
1) pile of mail with a homemade postcard of my dad near a fire.
2) back of letter I'm sending as a reply to a new potential pen pal :)
3) postcard I made . I used the back of a stamp pack and cardstock. I love the back of the Canadian stamp packs .
4)mail art to my pen pal :)
5) back of envelope . I got this awesome stationary from my new pen pal :)
6) 3 postcards I made with photographs that I'm sending around the world . They are of me and my love and because of it being our 10 ear anniversary on may 14th I thought it would be kewl to send our love out to the universe . Corny. Yes I know, but it's how I roll.
7)letter to my pen pal. The envelopes are from syrup threads.
8) home made envelope
9)postcard I made from an old stationary box I got from my great grandma.
10) postcard I made from an old photograph of BC mountains. Blurry photograph taken me being a passenger in my vehicle and than I glued on the back of a Canadian stamp pack.
11) homemade envelope.
12) this is the front for picture # 2 picture .
13) this is the front of #5
14) another home made envelope I made :) going to pen pal :)

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