Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I know

It's only Monday , but I just have to show you my mail outgoing and incoming so far .
1)outgoing postcard
2) incoming postcard
3)outgoing letter to new pen pal
4) incoming mail art swap . This is the back of the envelope isn't it super bright !
5)incoming envelope that had the postcard you see in picture number 2
6) front of letter containing goodness and lovely letter . I'm working on my reply tonight :)
7)back of picture #8
8) pen pal letter going out to hopefully a new pen pal :)


  1. Loving the cat mailart.... Did you do that Nicole.

    1. Hello :) I bought the envelopes from an etsy shop called Erin bit ( I think that's the shop name I'll have to double check ) she made them from a vintage children's book that had awesome animal illustrations . This envelope is to a girl who loves kitties :)