Saturday, May 19, 2012

Handing it over

Do any of you get a slight tinge of worry when you hand your letters over to a human behind the desk of Canada post? It seems like some of the workers are angry about letters and stamps ! I'm not saying all of the workers because there is some that seem very happy to take your mail and make sure its delivered . Anyways this is my outgoing . I did it again too ! I forgot to take photos of one of my
Outgoing letters and. 2 of my postcards :( I am working on a few letters that I will post in a few days :)
1) and 2) are two letters and 3) and 4) are postcards . 4) is my reply to Laura ly to our correspondance via postcard , and 3) is a homemade postcard I made glueing an old extra photo to an index card . The photo is of my leg , my brother Riley's leg and my sons leg .

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