Monday, May 7, 2012

Incoming mail happy yay

Trust me that post title is very enthusiastic ! But for some reason when I use punctuation in my titles everything goes crazy!!! So I'm very happy for all my incoming mail and yay here are the descriptions of each.
1) 1 out of 4 postcards I got from my new pen pal in Ireland :)
2) new pen pal
3) titanic postcard 2 of 4
4) close up of stamp on the titanic post card. Creepy kewl Victorian lady .
5) 3 of 4 titanic postcard
6) second type of titanic stamp from Ireland postcard
7) oh my gosh I love this post card !!! Isn't this random weird tree kewl !!
8) my first pen pal that responded from penpaloftheweek :) just came in today!!
9) retro looking awesome postcard I got via seriously as the time goes on with me using the only thing I have to complain about is I rarely get a well filled out postcard from postcrossing !!
10) postcard kewl!
11) close up of awesome stamps
Of postcard seen In picture 18
12) reply to my wonderful pen pal :) I love her address labels .
13) close up of stamp . It's angry birds
14) 4th titanic postcard .
15) I love this postcard! Look at all those Victorian ladies !! It's like they are crossing the road like they are the beatles!! But theyre not !
16) close up of lovely stamp from
17)close up of stamps on postcard <3

18) a swap I recieved via swap bot . Lovely air mail ness
19)super fashionable postcard!
20) haha love this letter I recieved from my pen pal! Isnt this decorated envelope so funny !!


  1. *LOL* That Victorian woman on the stamps is actually Molly Brown, she was a first class passenger aboard the Titanic if you remember?

    I'm glad all the postcards arrived safely, my letter shouldn't be far behind... :)

    1. Hahahahaha silly me ! Yes I know who Molly brown is , but didn't think of it... Arg do much on my mind sometimes ! Thankyou do much the postcards are wonderful as well as the stamps ! So happy :)