Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the good ol mailbox

Black and rusty as ever it holds my lovely mail I recieve . Ok I exaggerate a bit it's not that rusty , but a bit. So here it is ! How was everyones mailboxes ?

1) postcard via from Florida .
2)postcard from Singapore via
3) my second letter back from my new pen pal Sarah . The first letter is always exciting when you recieve from a new pen pal , but when you get a second or third it gets even more exciting because you know that correspondance is happening .... Ok yeah duh hahaha .
4) neat postcard via from Ukraine , they are a sports reporter !
5)postcard from laura ly from we are doing a new thing pen pal postcards to try out a faster way of communicating let's see how it goes !!
6) I've never got a vertical postcard before and than I got a postcard from Taiwan and thats how I got a vertical postcard !
7) super awesome letter from a fellow BC lady . The envelope was huge !!
8) look at this ! Such a neat envelope that m. Created ! From Ireland :)
9) and! New pen pal! This is for a long letter swap I did from swap bot . It was for a long letter swap because I <3 long letters :D isn't this such a beautiful purple of an envelope ! My first purple letter !

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