Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dropping off thee letters and postcards

That is what I did today! Also picked up alot of the great Canadian stamp packs that have been released recently . I would like to get my hands on some vintage unused stamps . Anyways ! Here is my outgoing ! :

1) postcard for postcrossing
2) this is the first air mail envelope I've sent a letter in. I know I'm behind the times .
3)great little envelope I re used from an order I had from etsy .
4) this is one of my collaged envelopes I made . I really like this one :) hope they do too.
5) this letter looks kind of delicate .
6) I got these postcards at a recent thrift haul! Lovely vintage Canadian postcards . So of course I sent them out.
7) another one of my collaged envelopes ! I have alot of fun making these . Doesn't the birthday stamps look good with it ?
8). This is the back of picture #4
9 this is for a mail art swap via swap bot hope they like it !!!

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