Monday, April 16, 2012

Forgetting sucks

These are my outgoing . I had alot of fun ! The only thing is I forgot to take photographs of two postcards I sent!!

1) back of envelope . I went a little trigger happy with the handle with care stickers
2) letter going to a new pen pal in the states ! It's. Super thick letter because of my need to write Long letters . Heh . I really don't mean to write huge letters but I just can't help it !! I got to use my new international titanic stamps . Don't you love this octopus letter ?
3) this is the from for picture #1 it's close to spring and robins and eggs are something you see around y area and I know my pen pal will enjoy :)

That's all for now . It's Monday and I haven't seen the mail lady yet :)


  1. Beautiful mailart! I love your creativity! :) And after spotting the lovely Titanic stamps, I realised how much I wanted them! How I wished I can have some for my stamp collection.. So gorgeous.

  2. Thankyou so much ! They really are lovely :) if you would like we could become pen pals and I could put one on the letter to you :)

  3. Hey there! Been really busy with college work these days.. I checked back your blog and saw this wonderful reply of yours! I would love to have you as my new pal! Shoot me an address and I will write you soon!

    Bree xoxo