Monday, April 16, 2012

Snow equals wet postcards apparently

Just like the title of this post says . My postcard I got using was wet when I took it out of the mailbox . There was huge amounts of snow all of the sudden one night and day so I think this is why the corner p the postcard was wet. Usually my mail is never wet so I dunno . Here is my wonderful incoming :)

1) awesome letter with lots of goodies like sand and shells from her recent trip to mexico ! Zebras too and the letter she wrote to me was typed on old medical journal paper !!! So awesome . This is from none other than miss Jessica gowling from
2) this is a letter from a new pen pal in the states . Iowa to be exact ! I was so excited to read her long and Interesting letter !! So much fun and I can tell we are going to be great pen pal friends . She even included stickers and stationary !!!
3) 2 postcards I got via
4) close up of awesome stamps from Jessica .
5) close up of stamps from
My new pen pal ! Look at that spider !!! So kewl

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