Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring mail

Hello it's wonderfully spring here - for who knows how long- there could be a freak snow storm at any given minute here in the north . So I only had a few outgoing this week . 2 postcards and a letter to a new pen pal :) pictures 2 and 4 are outgoing . The rest of the photos are incoming .
1) postcard from postcrossing but the. Card came in an envelope and the lady made the card from paper that her daughter brought from Japan that were cookie wrappers.
2)outgoing letter . Also containing the coveted titanic stamps ! She will be sending me some postcards and stamps :)
3)a card sent from postcrossing of lovely zebras !!
4) 2 outgoing postcards
5)incoming outside of envelope of #1 photo
6)incoming letter from a new pen pal in Germany ! I'm working on the reply now :)

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