Saturday, April 21, 2012

Give away winner is revealed

Hey everyone ! Iam really sorry if the giveaway caused confusion and I realize now I need to plan better and set dates for this kind of thing so once again sorry !! Anyways by draw the winner is: caddi ! I will be emailing caddi later on to say she is the winner of the 200 sales giveaway . She gets to choose what she would like from lavenderlemon with the item being below $35 and she wins a set of handmade envelopes by me :) thanks to everyone who joined in the giveaway !


  1. Yay! I will be checking out everything again so I know what to pick :) Thank you!!!

    1. Hey ! I don't have your email and I thought I would be able to find your email on your profile but I didnt . Glad your excited :) just let me know what you would like from my lavenderlemon etsy shop and I'll be sending you your package :D I also need your address . You can email me at: