Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jingle Lady

I want to be a lady walking through a maze of garden where I forgot which plant I planted where,and which path leads to me to the next. I want to be sitting in a camping chair with fuzzy blankets and a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate while I sit and stare at the stars and be calm in the silence and to watch the steam from my hot drink that has mixed with the cool air to ecsape In the night.

I have been seeing tons of lady bugs for a month now. Back in July Arabella and I saved a poor lady bug that fell in her princess pool. And now my whole wall of my house is covered In them and today as I was sitting on my chair outside in the back yard I was thinking about why all these lady bugs have found me here,when I saw a lady bug crawling on the deck,and than I thought How strange..because I was just thinking about the lady bugs on the other end of the house,and than ANOTHER lady bug was crawling around. I thought to myself what could the meaning of this be? Finding a home? Finding oneself? I looked it up and I guess it means to think about ambitions in your life and to take action...

Many bohemian style photographs have been catching my attention. I have wondered for awhile now what my style of home would be? This is it I think. Here is what has been inspiring me lately,( Sorry I dont know any of the sources of this pictures If you know please tell me and I'll put them up asap)

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