Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's hard to look you in the face when we are talking- so it helps to have a mirror in the room

Guess what? I not only found a vintage long velvet skirt,but a metallic belt that looks like a cresent moon ,and looks absolutely celestial!!!!!Or spiritual... spooky, and mysterious. The moon to me means the spiritual and shape shifting energies that we can not explain. I also found a mini purse that kind of looks like it should be a mini back pack ,but its not its on a strap. I made a little charm to go on it to dress it up a bit and added a scarf from the 1960s. I love it and I am happy that i actually found a purse for once that I really want to take with my uptown.

When I wore this outfit I started thinking of my childhood,and by that I mean what I watched as a child..and the overall feeling of impending Halloween... I started thinking of all the rad 90s shows that were always on at this time and how everything was styled back than. Afraid of the dark,goosebumps,halloween town even Barney for fudge sakes. ( I only know this because i had a 4 year old brother at the time who was obsessed,and also because my kids watched the old episodes of barney and I was mesmerized by the styling of everyones costumes and the over set. Anyways Hope you enjoy my double faces ,and my shifting in between the worlds.

Shoes: Wal-mart
shirt- wal-mart
skirt- thrifted
bag- thrifted
tights- claires

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