Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big dinners and halloween house

Our house has been decorated for halloween for a couple weeks now,and since the time is almost here I will share some photos of what it looks like around the house. I usually go way more crazy for halloween,but I didn't for some reason. Next year will be grand,and I also want to have a big christmas party too. Something i've been wanting to do for the last couple years ,but things just don't pan out the way I want them too. I've been cooking up a storm ,and making large dinners. I usually make big meals when Aaron is home and not working In camp. The photo of the dinner is as follows: Ham with cranberry and clove crust with mustard squirted on top, Potatoes,and butternut squash. The bread is banana peppers and cheese foccacia that my fiance mostly ate to himself.haha.

I recently found this awesome book from the thrift store. Its Better Home and gardens Decorating Ideas under $100 . There is some awesome cheesey kitschy things in there ,and I love this book and i scored it for $1! Im probably going to be adding a few other photos from the book in other posts,but these are the ones for now that I'm digging. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! The kids are waiting for me so we can go uptown and pick out our jack o lantern pumpkins, So have a great weekend!!

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