Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Warmth and Busy days

The Furnace Is finally turned on in my little rental. It's starting to get real cold which sucks because we hardly had a summer where I'm from. Actually... The first snow fall happened today,and the snow is staying. Its strange how when It's cold outside your home seems so much more cozy. So with the warmth my days have also been busy. I've been really busy with my shop listing items like crazy,and I've been making many trips to the post office with happy items that are traveling to different countries to lovely people :) . The pictures shown of me wearing clothing are for sale at my etsy shop : I'm also going to be adding some more things to my shop this weekend. So since my last post Thanksgiving happened( a few days late because my fiance was gone in camp) He made an awesome english trifle that was gone as soon as it hit the table!! My house is all decorated for Halloween,and i've been really slacking lately of doing anything crafty or my art things. Here is a list that I hope to be accomplished by christmas. I wonder If it is maybe too optimistic to have these things done by then??

1. Finish my martha stewart emroidery bag ( My mom got it for me as a gift,and I am also planning on adding other things than just the embroidery pattern included)
2. make my own crazy quilt
3. Make a countdown to christmas wall thingy that gifts go in. Do you know what I mean by this?

Well everyone is waiting for me to watch the new pirates of the carribean,so off to be cozy


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