Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portobello Dinner and a Bird bag

Well I finished my embroidered bag,and wore it house hunting today! We sadly didn't find what we were looking for,but something will come up soon im sure. The thing that sucks is that I want to find a house with character or a house that is older,but alot of the problem with that is that the houses are so small and we have so much stuff lol. I was really happy with the one house that we went and seen. Beautiful original door handles ,pretty vent covers ,original hard wood flooring,and a solarium,but my fiance didn't like that the bedrooms were so small,that and he admitted that dirt basements freak him out.They kind of freak me out too,but the house was so dreamy...On with the search. My fiance predicts that it will be in the spring. So we shall see. In the last few days I have been busy around the house.The snow has melted for now and I have been cooking lots. The pictures you see of the mushrooms are from dinner. One of them sitting beside a plate of garlic and the other mushroom picture is them sliced up. Dinner was gnocchi with vodka sauce with fried portabellos on top with chopped thick sliced bacon on top served with a wilted warm salad. It was really good. The strange thing about the whole mushroom business is that for most of my life I have had an extreme hate for mushrooms. I just would never eat them and couldnt bare the taste. Anyways when I became pregnant with my girl I started allowing myself to eat mushrooms off of pepperoni pizza and Now 5 years later I can happily eat mushrooms every now and again :) It is strange how when you become an adult you don't seem to mind as much about certain foods. So the rest of the photos are of what I wore today,My bird bag as I will call it,and Some things that I listed at my good ol shop Oh and my mushroom pictures of course. Now on to the quilt and the christmas countdown wall hanging!

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