Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I won you guys

Hey !! I never win stuff !! And guess what I don't need to say that I never win anymore because I won!! Laura ly over at http://pleasedeliverto.blogspot.com hosted a giveaway to her loyal followers . I won the runner up prize :D
I really wasnt expecting it ! And hey if you haven't checked out her blog already you need too!! It's packed full of great mail and a witty sense of humor to go along with it :)

So here is my incoming/outgoing
1) incoming for Laura
2)eyeball tape !!!! Incoming swap
3)incoming postcards
4)outgoing postcard
5)incoming from caddi ^_^
7)incoming postcard
8)outgoing postcards
12 this photo is important I really really hope she checks out this blog and sees that she forgot to put a return address and I'm not sure if she got my address from my blog or if this is for postcrossing !! If it is for postcrossing she forgot to put the number on it :(
13) incoming
17) outgoing

Arg next time I'm just going to do separate posts for incoming and outgoing sorry about the confusion. I also forgot to take a photo of one of my outgoing letters to Sarah again I hate when I forget to take a photo :( well you all have an awesome day


  1. I'd got your letter yesterday! Finally! :D And I'm sending you a reply today. Hope it reaches you safe and sound this time!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad it reached you . I hope that your letter gets here safely this time :)