Friday, July 13, 2012

Farewell paper

This is all my outgoing mail as of lately . My mom lucked out at her work and got me tons of extra envelopes they were just going to throw away!! So my awesome mom brought them by for me and I've been using them since :) I also got to use some fold and seal envelopes that my friend D. Got me an they are just so much fun! I also made my first deco.( picture #2) does anyone do deco swaps or friendship book swaps? If your interested please leave a comment for me or just go right ahead and mail a deco to me :D anyways I'll be trying to stay cool cause I guess these weekend is going to be Breaking all kinds of records in the peace region !! What do you do to keep your cool? My kids use squirt guns and water balloons that I fill up. Right now the kids have built a blanket fort with the neighbor kids in the shade and they are keeping there cool. Have a great weekend everyone !