Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's a bird it's a plane it's incoming mail

* crickets sound at lame title *

Ok guys here is my great incoming mail ! Ummm yeah . Cuckoo clocks , Henry ,and a please deliver too custom postcard that reveals more words than you would think ! And all of the above is just postcards !!!THAN I recieve a gigantic package from a swap that curiously enough is also my pen pal :) ( see photo of the tons of stamps package ! Eee! ANd than I get my giveaway package from and its all kinds of " awesome sauce " as Laura ly says hehe . It was jammed pack with postcards I've never seen before ,stationary , envelopes ,washi tape,memo sheets oh dear the list goes on!!!!! I'm so lucky and thankful !! And check out M. Mail art ! I love it !hope everyone's mail week has been just as fun :) :)

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