Monday, February 27, 2012

We can eat beans and lobster later

I have been sick for the past week and it's really horrible ! It's very unfortunate too that I'm one of those people that keep on trucking and get things done and go uptown looking like crap, but it's because I have too! My hunny luckily had a day off suddenly on a day I felt the worse and I was able to take some naps . How lucky was that?!? So lately I've just been doing little crafts and reading alot . So here is a few photos from the last week.

1)I was bugging my honey with taking tons of photos of him .
2) this was my Japanese inspired dinner kind of. I made alot of rice. Alls ! Everyone liked them and they were very simple.
3) latest book by Lori lansens that I was reading, but I'm now finished. Loved it ! You should really check oh Lori lansens you won't be disappointed 4) my tea. I was sitting at the table having a night conversation with my hunny when I looked down ad saw te pretty reflection of the Pom Pom .
5) fan art I did of rini from sailor moon. It was just a quick sketch and this is not finished .
6) and in fashion news which I rarely post which sucks because I love clothes and having my own take on the fashion world . Anyways I really want to cut my bangs like zoey deschanel , but I'm scared of hair dressers where I live because I rarely get a hair cut that I ask for come out like I want to. The photo is a screenshot from tumblr ! And the link is right on there !

Hope everyone's weekend went well and that they managed to keep from getting sick . Tomorow I'll be doing a mail post of outgoing and hopefully incoming :)

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