Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random town name president village

I have been seeing alot of cardboard creations through out the Internet ecspecially lit up pretty ones ! My dad was one of those parents that created crazy things from cardboard so when I started seeing all these creations on my Fav blogs and pinterest I was like : why haven't I thought to do this with my kids when I enjoyed my dad creating things for me . So we have been saving cardboard ( some of it being the cardboard packaging that toys come in . Score !
1.milk jug house with cardboard roofing and scarf interior son had the awesome idea to use two erasers taped together and some chimney smoke out of cardboard !
3.the inside of the house . A beautiful entry way indeed ! son used the cardboard from te brain facts quiz thing and cut it up and made a make shift garage door and garage his hot wheels are inhabiting now .
5.please enter our cardboard house through this door !
6.some of the tools we needed ( exacto knife off limits to kids !!)
7. Side view from the inside of our wal decor :)
8. Cheap Lego blocks that my kids have had forever from the dollar store we used it to make our " monument " for the town . The kids decided to call it " president village " apparently this is where all the rich live ! (lol)
9.the whole outside of the house in all of its glorious lime green-ness!! So lucky to have had that lime green cardboard !at night we shut all the lights off and threw a mini flashlight at the back of the house and admired it like that . So pretty :)

P.s my shop is 1 away from 200 sales !that means that I will be doing a give away soon ! Stay tuned :)

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