Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Incoming mail

I am doing two seperate posts. One is incoming mail and the other will be outgoing :) . It's still early in the morning and the post lady hasn't come to deliver today's mail yet so the incoming mail is for so far over the past two weeks . I feel like I've been sending more than I am receiving but that's just how it goes ! It's so exciting now to wait for the mail to come because I'm not just anticipating bills but potential letters or postcards via .
Look at all the loveliness !
1) and 2) Courtney from australia . Look at those stamps !! So lovely !
3) Georgina from Ireland letter came in yesterday . So excited to recieve her letter I am anxious to write to somebody a reply because I have already sent out my replies and needed to write to someone !
4) postcard from postcrossing . Neat envelope eh ?
5) postcard from postcrossing
6)my pile of mail :D

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