Friday, September 23, 2011

Take a chance on me- ABBA

Yep that is the song that I am listening to as a make my first blog post.

Pretty cheesey? YEP

So without Further adieus Here is some pictures of what I was wearing today. Yeah this is what this blog is going to be mostly about. What I wear,what I want to wear, ART, Art that I have created OR just pictures that i find HIGHLY inspirational :)

Shorts: winners
shirt- Thrifted ( it says mad Mix 56 heck ya!)
tights- My mom got them for me from vanouver like 5 years ago
Pink tye dye socks- Ardene's
gold glitter shoes- Wal- mart
flower hair band- Made by me :D

Have a great weekend! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Bad Bad Francine

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