Monday, January 30, 2012

Unicorn sparkly rainbow birthday party

My daughter had her 5th birthday party ! It was a her first party where alot of children were invited to, and it was also a first for us to have a party at our home! I have no idea why we haven't being doing at home parties... For my sons birthday we have always planned parties outside of the house. Well I think that this at home thing is going to stick :)
1.the table. We taped Kraft paper to our table and I drew pictures on it that the kids could colour and also do the kids could draw random pictures ! It kept their attention for quite awhile!
2. Aaannnnnddd the Pom Poms!! I'm seriously obsessed with these lovelies. They are handmade by my fiancé that I asked to make for the party ( he is good at following directions ) he made them all different and so beautiful
3.there was one Pom Pom in the kitchen over the table and the third photo is the two Pom Poms In the living room
4. More decorations !
5. The kids having a bite to eat. For lunch I made jam, peanut butter , peanut butter and jam as well as peanut butter and banana . I also made fruit Kebobs! Those were such a hit should of made more !
6. Home made pink unicorn piñata !! My daughter helped me colour it. My fiancée stuffed it with tons of candy and toys . We didn't end up hanging it but just setting it on a chair and letting the kids at it . The piñata was actually.pretty heavy ! I was sad to see
The unicorn go.... My son ended up being the one that smashed it good for all the younger kids hehe it was cute .

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