Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ugh I hate being sick :( and for once my kids aren't sick just me! Which is odd beacause kids usually get sick more because they are interacting with more children at school/pre school. Knock on wood that they don't get sick!

Winter is full swing here now! Jeep has its 4x4 on all the time,and slipping around is in season!( Even if you are driving slow...)

I also wanted to put it out there (If there is people even reading this) that when I reach 200 sales on Lavenderlemon ( My shop on etsy ) Here is the link I will be doing a giveaway here on the good ol blog. You will have to be following me,and Comment on the giveaway post. I will put more details on the giveaway post. I hope I get to do it soon because I've never done a giveaway before,and I want to show my customers,and people who like lavenderlemon that I appreciate there business ,and support.

Well lately around the house its just been putting Halloween stuff away ( That was two weeks ago) and Now the christmas decorations are UP! I've never had the christmas decorations up this early or the tree,but I've decided it will be easier so I dont get so stressed out around christmas that I fall into a breakdown or something hahaha.

What I really do hate about the cold weather and snow in my area that I live is that I can't wear what I really would like to wear. I have horrible circulation ( I have reyneuds disease ,dont worry its not contagious lol) So I really do have to dress warm,and i've just lately been really listening to this rule. My fiance will tell you that I am horrible at dressing for the weather. I am not suffering this year! Iam suffering in the fashion department thought :( . When its -35 I guess its more to worry about your over well -being than fashion anyways. So maybe I'll post my " real gear" for how cold it is up here. I have been searching and searching for a really warm jacket that isn't $$$$$$$$$$$$ and is actually fit for the cold weather.

Anyways The photo's I have shared with you on the post were all taken by me. I decided to share with you our sunday breakfast when my fiance was home from work. Grandpa had sent some ginger cookies home with us,and I decided to make egg in a hole for the kids. I actually have never done this before with the kids. I got Arabella to push with a measuring cup( you can use anything really circular) to get the hole in the center. I got her to save the middles cause I was going to try to use them some how. Now the next thing I did was oil up my cast iron frying pan,and heat it up put the bread in one at a time,and crack egg directly in the centre,and season with salt and pepper. I used the cute little leftover punched out breads as mini desserts. I fryed them lightly and seasoned them with sugar and cinnamon. I then plated it around the ginger cookies with whipped cream. The kids really got a kick out of this! We all were wishing there were more! Hahahaha. So I set the table,and made some tea and we all went to town on the food. How do you spend your special breakfast times with your family? Do you do your egg in a hole in a different way?

Iam sorry about the lack of posting. I actually have 2 or 3 seperate post worth of stuff to put up,and im not going to be lame and put it all in one post or make seperate posts all on the same day. So for now have a great weekend,and hope you all are getting ready for the holidays :)


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